Symabook (S60 5th) 0.10 Alpha

An intuitive Facebook application especially for touchscreen use.


  • Easy to use with clumsy fingers
  • Clear, simple interface


  • Lacks some features
  • Profile tab seems unfinished


Symabook is an application designed to give you a more intuitive interface for Facebook on your touchscreen phone.

Installation of Symabook is a bit awkward, as to have access to your Facebook account, the browser has to open, enter the Facebook mobile and ask you for confirmations. However, once that's over, Symabook works without problems.

The interface features is big and bold, making information very easy to read, and easy to navigate with your fingers. The news feed can be rolled up and down, and tapping a, entry will show the whole item. the menu is a tab on the left, which can be flicked out to allow you to see Friends, Photos, your Profile and more.

The news feed is good, and viewing friends and photos is very comfortable. The Profile tab seems under development in this early release, just allowing you to update your status and nothing more.

Symabook needs some further development and polish, but is still a neat Facebook-lite application for your Symbian phone.

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Symabook (S60 5th) 0.10 Alpha

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